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Crystal Pet Pendants

Crystal Pet Pendants

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These are wonderful gemstones to share with a loving pet. Put one on a collar and keep another with you on a keychain, a backpack, belt or bag.  Before sharing stones with your pet be sure to spend some quiet time with your pet while you hold the stones and visualize the energy between you!

we have Pet Pendants in Hearts and Stars! each crystal represents a different purpose or need. below we have added a description for each crystal to help you better determine what your pet needs. 

(  we have listed what design each crystal has! ) 

for Crystals we have: 

Cherry Quarts( heart ) - Love 

Beautiful Cherry Quartz creates a spiritual energy for a more powerful love vibration between souls. Can also be paired with Rose Quartz to enhance love and harmony together.

Citrine ( Heart )- Blessings

Golden Citrine brings blessings in so many ways - blessings of enlightenment, optimism, happiness and success. This is the perfect gemstone to pair with any other Crystal Pet Love pendant for extra blessings. Citrine is wonderful for animals who compete and can act as a protector as well as increasing success.

Obsidian ( Heart or star ) - Clarity

Choosing the Obsidian heart pendant creates the intention to bring clarity and peace. Obisidian works to dissolve ancient traumas and to clear confusion. When you receive your Obsidian heart, sit quietly with your pet and visualize the gemstone bringing peace to your surroundings. This black gemstone heart pendant is a must for all creatures.

Clear Quartz ( Star ) - Peace 

Clear Quartz resonates with all chakras through heart and mind for ultimate peace. Choose Clear Quartz to encourage peaceful feelings and to increase calm.

Rose Quartz ( Heart )- Harmony

Rose Quartz is the universal gemstone of love. This warm pink heart promotes harmony and comfort for the wearer. Rose Quartz has been known to aid chest, lung and kidney problems and to act as a force against leukemia. Imagine this Rose Quartz pendant filling your pet's heart with warm pink light.

Green Aventurine ( Heart )  - Healing

Green Aventurine is a heart chakra gemstone known for dissolving negative emotions. It can settle nausea and works to neutralize the electromagnetic pollution all around us. The spiritual properties of this pale green heart pendant make it a lovely all-around healing gem.

Amethyst ( Heart ) - Protection

Our purple Amethyst gemstone heart pendant is a powerful protector that can soften and remove rage and anxiety. Choose Amethyst as an excellent blood cleanser and cancer fighter. The many healing powers of Amethyst include support for skin disorders and digestion issues. Protect what you love with Amethyst.

sodalite ( Heart )- Immune Support

This beautiful, blue Sodalite gemstone heart pendant is a wisdom stone that strengthens intuition and communication. Sodalite, the salt stone, can help balance metabolism, cool fevers and boost the immune system. It can work in an amazing way to block radiation from computers and mobile devices. Dynamic Sodalite, which does so much, also promotes trust between all living creatures...perhaps the most important property!

Tigers eye ( Heart or Star) - Training 

Tiger's Eye gemstone heart is excellent for training and focus. This warm and golden heart can help to stabilize mood swings and increase understanding. Potent Tiger's Eye strengthens willpower and courage. Fantastic for young pets who are learning their way in the world! 

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