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Magic Spell Candles

Magic Spell Candles

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 each pack of magic spell candles comes with 12 candles. 

of each color we have:

  Black for Protection,

 White for Happiness,

 Pink for Friendship,

 Light Blue for Peace,

 Dark Blue for Wisdom,

 Red for Love,

 Yellow for Success,

 Purple for Prosperity,

 Green for Luck and

 Orange for Confidence.

Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting in which the caster decides on a goal, visualizes the result, and focuses intent or will to manifest that result.

Typically a caster will write down their intent on a piece of paper the same color as the candle and burn the form in a fire-safe bowl. The candle needs to be burned completely for the spell to be completed.

Each candle has an approximate burn time of 1 hour. Our spell candles are a solid color throughout (not dipped): 70% paraffin and 30% stearic acid.

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