Shipping FAQs

Crystal Reign Shipping Policies and Instruction

**UPDATED AS OF 2024** 

Thank you for visiting and shopping at our boutique! 

this shipping FAQ includes information for:

-Pick up orders

-order fulfillment Timeline

- invoice visability

- Additional shipping insurance

- what to do in the event of an item being damaged during shipment

- how to file a claim 

- returns and exchanges 


For pick- up orders

as of November 2023, Crystal Reign Boutique now-offers in store pick up. if you decide to chose in-store pick up, you will receive a notification via email when your your is fulfilled and ready for pick up. 

when you have received the notification that your order is ready for pickup, please call to let a staff member know the best time you can pick up. to do so, you can call: 817-778-4410

Order Timeline (WHERE IS MY ORDER)

Fulfillment (packing order) is 3-5 business days. 

Shipping timeline is based off shipping selection option in checkout.

Once the package leaves our facility, we do not control the shipping company timelines.

if you have any additional questions about your order, please use our live chat feature. ( 10 am-5pm Monday-friday. 10 am-3pm Saturday. unavailable Sundays) 

if it is outside of live chat business hours, someone will respond to you first thing during business hours. 

Why don't I see my Invoice?

We upload invoices the day after live events. Each invoice is under your Social media username. You should see your invoice no later than 2pm CST. 

If it has been over 48 hours since you claimed products during a TikTok live, and you do not see your invoice, please reach out with our live chat, or business email: 

reminder, although you my see your invoice no later than 2pm CST next day.. still expect a small waiting period of 3-5 business days of your order being packed and fulfilled. 

Additional Shipping Insurance 

As of 2023: If you decline Additional insurance and ship your products through USPS Ground Advantage or UPS Ground,  your order will be covered up to $100. 

Additional Insurance is HIGHLY encouraged but not required. Once the products leave our Facility, We have no control over what happens to it on its way to you. 

Our clients have a choice of shipping through USPS or UPS. Both shipping carriers cover up to $100 in insurance coverage. if you wish, you may purchase additional insurance at check out. again, We HIGHLY suggest purchasing additional insurance for any order of the amount of $100 or more. 

You have three options to insure your products during shipment (NOT REQUIRED BUT HIGHLY ENCOURAGED)

Either purchase priority mail shipping through USPS or purchase additional insurance at checkout.  Here are your options:

Shipping Insurance Coverage cost is based off your zip code. This policy covers your order up to $100 without additional insurance. 


You may purchase additional insurance at checkout:

Additional Insurance Coverage of $50 costs a fee of $5

Additional Insurance Coverage of $100 costs a fee of $15

Additional Insurance Coverage of $250 costs a fee of $25 

**the additional insurance covers over $100 of insurance 

Why would I pay extra for the Additional shipping insurance?

The shipping carriers insurance policy that covers your package, only includes up to $100 of coverage of items when damaged/broken through mail transit. 

Shopify, UPS, USPS, and most companies that insure items, exclude products involving crystals, stones, and glass products and classify them as non covered items. This is why we offer additional insurance coverage, as your products may not have any coverage and you would not have the ease of mind if your package is received damaged/broken. Please reference their polices below. 

Terms and Conditions


I bought the Additional insurance coverage, now what?

You have the ease of mind knowing that if the shipping carrier will not cover your package of the amount up to $100 in the event of anything happening to your package in transit, that you are covered in the dollar amount you paid for the additional insurance amount. 

My package is damaged, what do I have to do? How do I file a claim?

If your package is damaged, You must file a claim with the chosen shipping carrier ( USPS or UPS) whether or not you purchased additional insurance coverage.

You have 24 hours from delivery to file a claim to be eligible for investigation. Past the 24 hour window, your policy expires and will be deemed ineligible for investigation. So, please file a claim within 24 hours of delivery. you have the choice of filing it yourself, or you may contact us and have Crystal Reign Boutique file for you. 

**Crystal Reign Filing your claim is a Courtesy.**

how to file a claim yourself: 

1) go to the shipping carriers official website to submit information for a claim ( usps or ups)

2) Take pictures of the package it came in, and of the damaged/broken products. you must keep your box, padding, and crystals until the claim has been processed and finished. 

3) Specify which products were damaged/broken in your order. 

4) Click on the "File a Claim" tab and insert your information for contact. 

5) as mentioned from step 2, keep the box, padding, and all of the items until the claim has been processed and finished. the shipping carrier may ask you the bring your box in to your nearest store ( usps or ups store) to be inspected to have a final decision on your claim.   

6) the insurance company will contact you through the contact information you provided for the next steps to take. they will let you know about updates on your claim status. from there on out, the insurance company will decide whether or not your claim has been approved or denied.

** DISCLAIMER:  may take 5 to 30 business days to receive a decision on your claim. be sure to watch your mailbox for updates from the insurance company. They decide whether the claim is approved or unapproved, we have no impact or choice on the time it takes for the insurance company to come to a final decision .** 

My package is damaged and I purchased additional insurance coverage, what do I have to do?

if your package came damage and you purchased additional insurance, you must still follow the same steps above and file a claim through the shipping carrier you chose for shipment ( USPS or UPS).

if your claim gets approved, you will receive your coverage up to $100 plus the amount of purchased additional insurance you decided on at the time of check out. if you get denied for your claim, you will only receive the purchased amount of additional insurance. 

Why would my claim be unapproved?

There are exclusions and requirements in the claim process. Please see company information below.

Claims are individually investigated through carrier, business, and customer evidence. After delivery of package, the customer is required to submit a claim request within 24 hours of delivery from carrier (USPS, UPS, etc). The customer will submit evidence based on their behalf for proof to the business. This can include photographs of the package, photographs of damaged/broken items, and/or videos. Customer will contact the business within timeframe in order to be eligible for insurance coverage. Outside of 24 hour timeframe after delivery, shipping coverage is expired and ineligible for insurance coverage. Items are considered refundable based off coverage plan if deemed unrepairable or damaged and received by the business in the condition it was delivered

Claim is approved for refund, what do I do now?

you will wait for your refund check to come into the mail. broken and refunded items are yours to keep, unless insurance companies requests the items. Crystal Reign Boutique does not accept or want your broken items. 


Damaged is defined per business regulation.

Crystal Reign Boutique LLC defines damaged items as chips, dents, tips broken off, and full pieces falling off crystals. The customer is required to ship item back in the same condition they received (damaged just like in evidenced photos/video). If item is returned more damaged than received, customer is not approved for refund because customer is responsible to ensure each item is adequately packaged throughly with protection from further damage. 

Exclusions include: desert rose, celeste, clusters, and fragile materials that may have small items fall off in transit.

Broken is defined per business regulation.

Crystal Reign Boutique LLC defines broken items as items that are broken in half/multiple pieces, major chunks of glass/crystal shards, or whether the item is deemed unrepairable. The item does not need to be returned when it is broken. Refund will be based on items cost to client per invoice receipt and insurance claim policy coverage.

Example, a customer bought a package for $300. A tower was deemed broken and was bought by the customer for $90. The shipping insurance policy covers package up to $250. The refund amount will be $90 because the rest of the package was delivered unbroken.

Example, the customer bought $250 shipping insurance policy and their package was delivered. Everything inside this package is broken. Customer bought all products for $500, customer will receive $250 per insurance coverage.

Example, the customer bought specific shipping insurance policy to cover entire package's worth of $500. Packaged was delivered with broken and damaged items. Damaged items are required to be return to business in same condition received for refund. Broken items will be refunded once deemed unrepairable per each item costs up to $500.

Example, the customer bought specific shipping insurance policy to cover entire packages worth of $500. Package was delivered completely unrepairable, customer will be refunded $500. 


Returns and Exchanges

after purchase, sales are final. Crystal Reign Boutique does not allow returns or exchanges. Purchase wisely. 

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, feel free to contact us! We typically reply within 1-3 business days.


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